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You know whose birthday it is in a month? On April 3rd? Mine! Guess what I want? Xander. And more Xander. And...well, let's just leave it at two, shall we? Namely, the two Xanders that were created in the episode "The Replacement".

But really, Xander and Xander together is something that's a gift for everyone. :) So for April 3rd, please consider posting something -- drabbles, fics, ficlets, epics, sentences, icons, graphics, essays, meta, squees!, whatever -- as long as it involves two Xanders and in some way references the s5 BtVS episode "The Replacement".

I'm telling you, you can participate by making something gen (imagine how much fun the two Xanders would have had watching Babylon 5 together! Or how about Riley getting to try out those wacky psychology experiments on the "twins"?) I'd happily take slash -- put the two Xanders with each other or any other male characters for a twosome, threesome, or moresome. And hell yes, I'd be jubilant for good het featuring the two Xanders -- well, it's kind of het since they're the same person if they're both with, say, Anya? Or Buffy? Or...you choose! Maybe Clumsy!Xander impresses Tara with his sweetness and Suave!Xander sweeps Willow off her feet!

Truly, I'd love to see whatever you want to create that fits this theme. Xander and Xander! XanderXander! Please? *wide eyes* So to make it official:

"The Replacement" Celebration
A Two Xanders Are Better Than One Brouhaha!
run by entrenous88

Second Requirement -- canon-based fic only
The only additional requirement is that your fic or graphic or other type of contribution be in some way canon-based. That is, if you want to write an AU story about rock-star Xander twins who take Finland by storm with their bass-heavy beat, this is not the Double Xander Fest for you. This funky party weasel shindig is for Hellmouth-raised, friend-of-Buffy-and-Willow, Construction-Worker Xander who has been split into two by Toth's Ferula Gemina. Wheee!

Canon-based...but didn't you say slash and het and...what's up with that? What if I want to put Gunn in the fic? Huh?
Canon based means only that it's Xander (and Xander!) from the series. Other than that, go crazy. Feel free to fold in or introduce other characters from the Buffyverse. Maybe for some reason the two Xanders have to go to L.A. to be put back together (I don't know why -- it's your story!) and they run into Lindsey at a honkey-tonk bar where they've gone to listen to the music of pain? Or maybe -- how about Lindsey stopping off in Sunnydale and meeting two very goofy Xanders drunk at a bar? Or what if Dawn (not in the original episode) has to entertain the Xanders for the day, and decides it would be the best thing ever to take them to Hot Topic to go shopping with her? Hell, what if Wolfram & Hart get a hold of (eeek, scary!) the two Xanders?

Create Your Own Request -- what does that mean?
This is a write-or-create-your-own-request deal. Basically that means I want a comment from you now about what pairing or focus (if character, friendship, or ensemble-fic) you're going to feature in your story or graphic or essay or meta.

When do sign-ups end?
You should sign up -- as soon as possible! But if we're getting closer to the posting date and all of a sudden you're inspired, I won't say no. But do tell me first if you think you'll participate. That way I can keep track of people and update them about the due date and other cool stuff that will inspire and spark Xandery goodness.

Okay, so I'm ready to create some Xander + Xander meta or write a story or put together a vid. Then what?
On April 3rd, Birth of The EntreNous, you post your fic or drabble or vid or scribbly drawing. And then I come and fawn over the two Xanders, your contribution, and you! Everyone wins!

Please, pimp the hell out of this. I really would love to get a wide variety of pairings, fic-categories, other contributions like essays or meta, graphics or drawings, anything and everything imaginable to do with the Buffyverse and two Xanders represented in this fiesta.

Sign-ups: begin today -- Friday, March 3rd
Contributions Due: Monday, April 3rd

To sign up, please comment below with the following information:

Focus/Pairing of your Two Xanders story/graphic/other:
Type of Contribution (essay, fic, vid, icons, etc.):

Please keep your fics or creations to post for the actual day they are due! It's way more fun if all the stories go up at once than if people post randomly and other people worry they've missed the deadline or get cranky, etc. etc. Plus, you know. Birthday. Of me. On April 3rd.

I hope you sign up! *Snoopy-dances in anticipation*


Mar. 6th, 2006 06:53 pm (UTC)
Hey, sorry I'm late getting back to you -- I'm at my sister's helping out with the new niece. :)

But yes, either of your scenarios sound great. I'm perfectly happy to have the Xanders remain apart for however long it takes you to spin your scene. I just figured that the in-canon thing covers stuff that makes sense within the Buffyverse as we know it, so Willow not being able to put them back together, or having it take a little longer -- that's all good. The AU restriction is only meant to discourage stuff like the Xanders who have always been twins being longshoremen who for some reason live in Budapest but also harbor a secret desire to be roller disco dancers. You know. :D

Either one of those sounds great -- I can't wait to read it!

Awww, I haven't checked LJ properly in days, so I don't know what's up with your kitties, but I hope everything is okay. *hugs*


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