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Title: Away From the Numbers
Author: EntreNous (entrenous88)
Fandom: BtVS/Ats
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17 / Explicit
Summary: Spike's been more than done with the high-school and college crowd for years. Good thing Xander Harris is now very grown up.
Disclaimer: All Buffyverse characters herein are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and affiliated production companies. No copyright infringement is intended.Warnings: highlight to read **None really, except sex talk. And a vampire blushing. Can vampires blush? THEY CAN NOW!**
Word Count: 1,844 words this part.
Author's Notes: Back in the game with this fic! I think there are two more installments to go. *continues to scribble and edit* ETA: Whoops, I had a "the end" at the bottom of this entry, but of course it should be "tbc".

Away From the Numbers

From Part 4:

Without Spike noticing, Xander's already turned their hands palms-up, his fingers now encircling Spike's wrist instead of the other way around. He draws the tip of his thumb down Spike's palm, a light scratch that trails all the way to the start of Spike's middle finger. "Okay," he says simply, dropping Spike's hand and turning to walk the path back to the truck.

Spike lets himself enjoy the view for a moment before he hurries to follow.

Part 5:

As soon as Xander gives the all-clear, Spike decides there are two ways this can go.

One, they get into the truck and start right there, Xander hauling Spike over to straddle him, easing one of those sturdy hands down the back of Spike's jeans. Or he could tug an extremely willing Spike down by the scruff of his neck, pushing his face against the button fly of the denim Spike's been itching to peel off him all night.

Two, they slide inside the Harris transport and sit deliberately apart, vibrating with the tension of what's to come until they get back to Xander's place. That surely would be followed by some lovely little stumbling over the living room furniture and ripping off clothes. Maybe the night would close out with a bonus bend-over for Spike at the kitchen table if he's very lucky indeed (no "stuff" in the kitchen be damned).

What he doesn't expect is to hop up into the passenger side of the cab and have Xander turn a considering eye on him before he slowly and deliberately draws Spike forward, cupping the back of his neck and threading determined fingers through Spike's hair.

It's a heart-stopping kiss if ever there was one -- if only Spike's heart still bothered to beat in his chest.

"You like kissing, eh?" is all Spike can think to mutter in the brief break before Xander again uses that clever mouth to send Spike's brain back on the fritz. But who cares about quick come-backs if Xander keeps doing that gorgeous soul-melting thing with his tongue?

"I like it lots," Xander says calmly. Even when he pulls back, his dilated eye still focuses on Spike's lips. His fingers tighten in Spike's hair, one tick away from a too-firm pull, and Spike lets out a murmur of pleasure that says oh yeah, do that, again and again and again. "And I like that mouth of yours. So get used to it."

Perhaps it's not as forceful a beginning as Spike would have liked out of the gate, but it's lovely all the same. For all that Spike adores the shoves and slams that start off fantastically rough sex, he's vampire enough to admit he often forgets how a subtle build-up can ratchet up the want in him all the more. He's happy to take the reminder to heart, though, especially when Xander presses in again for another kiss that makes Spike twist closer and pant unnecessarily.

Besides, Spike would be a horrible liar if he claimed he didn't feel a tendril of excitement uncurl in his gut at that plain-spoken "get used to it." The more he feels Xander's mouth on his, the more he's jittery for any insinuation there might be other times ahead for them.

So a slow start it is, absolutely fantastic and maddening all at once when rather than head straight back to the house, they sit for a time in the cab and neck like teenagers.

Not precisely like teenagers, though. With the firm grip Xander has, one hand still clutched in Spike's hair, the other sliding back and forth across Spike's upper back and occasionally pressing between his shoulder blades to keep him close, well. Perhaps it's a bit more like the older next door neighbor with naughty designs on the teenager he's promised a ride somewhere. Or maybe like a shop teacher extending a detention to include a different sort of show of his authority for his secretly-favorite delinquent student. Or maybe, yeah, the hot fuckable single dad Spike's played babysitter for in hopes that the night would end not in a crumpled wad of bills but instead stretched out the couch with the father of those brats on top of him, muffling Spike's surprised excited cries with forceful kisses.

"Do I want to know what wacky scenarios you're spinning out in your head?" Xander asks, eyebrows rising. He brushes a thumb over Spike's lips. His smile widens when Spike nips at the pad of his finger.

Xander can't read his mind, obviously. Spike would have cottoned on to such a thing back at the Hellmouth, where those sorts of funny little talents have a habit of surfacing early. Yet for a few strange seconds he can't help but feel exposed, as though Xander really can delve into Spike's thoughts.

For the first time in ages, Spike feels his cheeks burn red.

"Now that's nice." Xander's voice is throaty as he strokes fingers down Spike's throat. "Let's get you home so I can see how far down that goes."

* * *

"Tell me what you want," Xander whispers.

"Want you to fuck me hard," Spike breathes out, squirming against the hard body pressed to his.

Yeah, so he's not winning any points for originality, but sometimes it's best to go with the classics.

They're in the master bedroom. As soon as they'd crossed the front threshold, Xander gave Spike a brisk little shove in that direction. He'd followed Spike's jog at a more leisurely pace, grinning when he found Spike already shucking his coat and kicking off his boots when he entered.

Now, instead of answering or giving Spike what he wants straight away, Xander mouths at the underside of Spike's jaw before drawing his teeth to scrape along Spike's neck.

It's times like this Spike really wishes he could see himself in the mirror. Then he could admire those red marks later, caressing them gently before digging in harder to reawaken the sensations that accompanied them.

"Come on, Spike," Xander murmurs. "That's how you want it to end. Tell me what you want first."

"I want to undo your jeans with my teeth," Spike rushes out. "I want to rub my cheek against your cock, and mouth and lick until I know every bit of it, cup your balls in my hand to feel their heat and weight, have you slide hard inside my mouth over and over until you make me choke --"

He's stammering as the words fall from his mouth, as though he's nearly out of breath and light-headed because of how much he aches for what Xander can give him. Of course that's utter bollocks; it's been years since he needed to fill his lungs to survive. But something about the way Xander's hands tighten on him makes Spike's body forget it doesn't need air in that almost-forgotten desperately vital way.

Xander brushes his knuckles gently against Spike's right cheek, considering.

The respite lets Spike pull it together just enough so that he can grace Xander with a wicked smile. He's ready to sink to his knees already, but so much the better if Xander's the one to urge him down with those strong hands.

But instead of pressing at Spike's shoulders, Xander unexpectedly hefts Spike up.

Spike categorically does not yelp when this happens.

Okay, maybe he lets out a surprised shout, which if he were in a fight obviously would announce the start of his own retaliation. But he's not stupid enough to think of getting his own back right now. If anything, he'd rather give over more of it. So he's not a bit ashamed to gasp and writhe when Xander boosts him higher in his hold to the point where he can wrap his arms around Spike's trembling thighs instead of his middle.

"Oh fuck," Spike chokes when Xander, still holding him up, nuzzles his abdomen where his t-shirt's ridden up, lightly biting over his exposed hipbone from where his jeans have begun to slide down.

"Much as having you on your knees sounds pretty freaking incredible, first I've got to ask something I always wondered about vampires," Xander says conversationally as he tosses Spike to the bed.

Spike actually bounces against the mattress, feeling his face go slack in surprise for a second before he trains his attention obediently back on Xander. Xander, who's still standing like there's no hurry at all, like he's surveying the landscape for one of those construction jobs of his before he decides where he's going to break ground first.

Spike works his t-shirt up even more when he adjusts himself to listen (after all, not like he's above playing to his strengths). "What's that?"

"Well, vampires do everything a little faster, harder, stronger, right?" Xander leans back against the dresser with his hands in his pockets. It's infuriating and exciting all at once, to view Xander in that relaxed stance just when Spike wants nothing more than to see him all hot and bothered. "Faster healing time, quicker recovery --"

"Come now, don't be shy," Spike says, his voice sliding lower at the same time his hand slides up to stroke his belly. "What do you want to know?"

Xander laughs. "Shyness isn't so much my problem these days, Spike." He smoothes the strap of his eye-patch, but it's less a nervous gesture, more like Spike when he turns his collar up just before he strides into flashing lights and blaring music of a club. "Okay. Straight to the point, then. How long does it take you to get hard again after you come?"

"Me, I can go again nearly right away if I want. Couple of times a night like that." Spike shrugs, but he's preening a little as he wriggles his hips to work himself higher up the bed, feeling Xander watch him.

"See, that's what I thought." Xander takes one step closer and then another, looking like he's sauntering over to a sure thing (which, to be fair, Spike absolutely is). "So it's definitely not like we're already at the finish line when you getting yourself off is just the opening act."

Spike shakes his head slowly, licking his lips. "Far from it."

"Good to know." Xander gives him a lopsided smile. For a moment Spike can picture him as that boy back in Sunnydale, that same grin on his face again and again -- perhaps the moment after he's cracked a joke (looking too pleased with himself by far), maybe a second or two after the Slayer absently mentions how she can always count on Xander, very likely during the slight pause just after Anya leaned in for a kiss.

But then Xander takes the last step to reach the bed, and his familiar smile takes on a novel nuance, the intimation that here's a man who knows exactly what he wants.

"I know how much you like to rush in and do things your own way," Xander murmurs. "But here's what we're going to do first. You're going to take yourself out and show me just how you like it. Pull out all the stops. Make it so good I want to shove your hand aside and take over. Think you can do that for me?"

"That and more," Spike growls even while Xander looms over him.

"Good." There's a chair at the side of the bed, and Xander settles there comfortably. "Because if you can, then I'll definitely give you exactly what you want."

*~* tbc *~*


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Jul. 1st, 2013 04:36 pm (UTC)
I can't lie. Take charge Xander is hot. *g*
Jul. 2nd, 2013 12:17 am (UTC)
Yay, I'm glad you think so! :D
Jul. 1st, 2013 04:38 pm (UTC)
I have to love that Xander is calling all the shots here. It's sexy as hell.
Jul. 2nd, 2013 12:19 am (UTC)
Huzzah, I'm really pleased you liked it! Thank you!
Jul. 1st, 2013 05:29 pm (UTC)
Oh gods! I've read this twice now (first time was at work *fans self*), and it gets better with repeated readings. Love, love, love top!Xander, and sub!Spike is a MASSIVE kink of mine!

Cannot wait for the next part!
Jul. 2nd, 2013 12:20 am (UTC)
*helps fan you* You are awesome for reading it twice, and I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed it even more the second time around! So glad I'm hitting your kinks on this one -- thank you very much indeed!
Jul. 1st, 2013 07:58 pm (UTC)
Good god Spike's fantasies were hot. More so because Xander remains all grown up (and quite Angel-esque) and defies all of them into something a lot better than the hot, but still kind of cliche things Spike wants.

This is so so good. I love this Xander so much because he may be Angel-esque, but it also feels right. The nervous boy doesn't stay that way his whole life, especially once he's out in the world and realizes that his experiences are so much more than most people's.

Mostly, though, I love that he went for a kiss. That he could play all the naughty teacher/professor/daddy games there are, but he goes for a kiss.

Because that is Xander. Angel wouldn't do that because kissing is too intimate, and he's too much of a coward that way. Xander isn't.

Obviously :)
Jul. 2nd, 2013 12:23 am (UTC)
Hooray, really psyched to hear you liked Spike spinning out various fantasies! I almost put "all the S/X AUs" in the warnings (okay, not entirely accurate, but it was fun to mention a few of my faves).

Whew, I'm really glad that this version of Xander feels right to you, the way he's developed as he's come into himself. I want that confidence to shine through, but I want him to still be recognizable, so. That's terrific to hear.

:DDDDDD I almost went another direction and then thought, nope, this Xander would go for the kiss for. So happy you liked that choice.

Many thanks for your lovely feedback! <3
Jul. 1st, 2013 09:45 pm (UTC)
Strong, confident Xander is such a turn on! And ahem, I'm guessing Spike agrees *g*
Jul. 2nd, 2013 12:29 am (UTC)
Haha, yes, I think Spike would agree 10000%! Thank you so much. <3
Jul. 2nd, 2013 01:21 am (UTC)
Love grown up,in control Xander. Really enjoying this whole story.
Jul. 2nd, 2013 01:50 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! It's wonderful to hear you're enjoying this. :D
Jul. 8th, 2013 09:37 pm (UTC)
He tossed him on the bed! And then stood there looking him over! How much did I love the construction metaphor, btw? SO MUCH.

dammit i don't want to like spike/xander
Jul. 8th, 2013 09:44 pm (UTC)
Yayayayay, thank you very much!

Aww, I don't want to lure you into territory you dislike, but at the same time I'm gleeful you like this!
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