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Title: Someone to Notice
Author: EntreNous (entrenous88)
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Jim Moriarty/John Watson
Rating: Explicit
Disclaimer: All Sherlock characters herein are the property of Steven Moffatt, Mark Gatiss, the BBC, and of course ACD. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings: highlight to read **Minor Violence, Age Difference, Student-Teacher Relationship**
Chapter Word Count: 2,805 words.
Author's Notes: Written for this kink meme prompt. Many thanks to wesleysgirl for the beta. I plan to update this fic twice weekly. The next update should be Monday, though as I'll be returning from a trip, it may take another day. Read this chapter below or at AO3.
Summary: While training to be a secondary school teacher (and pursuing some rather illegal activities outside of the classroom), Jim Moriarty takes a keen interest in shy, bullied teenager John Watson.

FIC: Someone to Notice (Jim Moriarty/John Watson, NC-17, 3/9)Collapse )
Title: Someone to Notice
Author: EntreNous (entrenous88)
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Jim Moriarty/John Watson
Rating: Explicit
Disclaimer: All Sherlock characters herein are the property of Steven Moffatt, Mark Gatiss, the BBC, and of course ACD. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings: highlight to read **Minor Violence, Age Difference, Student-Teacher Relationship**
Chapter Word Count: 2,640 words.
Author's Notes: Written for this kink meme prompt. Many thanks to wesleysgirl for the beta. I plan to update this fic twice weekly. I should update with the third part on Thursday, though as I'm traveling, please be patient if it takes another day. Read this chapter below or at AO3.
Summary: While training to be a secondary school teacher (and pursuing some rather illegal activities outside of the classroom), Jim Moriarty takes a keen interest in shy, bullied teenager John Watson.

FIC: Someone to Notice (Jim Moriarty/John Watson, NC-17, 2/9)Collapse )
Title: Someone to Notice
Author: EntreNous (entrenous88)
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Jim Moriarty/John Watson
Rating: Explicit
Disclaimer: All Sherlock characters herein are the property of Steven Moffatt, Mark Gatiss, the BBC, and of course ACD. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings: highlight to read **Minor Violence, Age Difference, Student-Teacher Relationship**
Word Count: 3,047 words.
Author's Notes: Written for this kink meme prompt. Many thanks to wesleysgirl for the beta. I plan to update this fic twice weekly. Right now I'm hoping to post early next week, though as I'll be traveling, please be patient with me if it takes a little longer. Read below or at AO3.
Summary: While training to be a secondary school teacher (and pursuing some rather illegal activities outside of the classroom), Jim Moriarty takes a keen interest in shy, bullied teenager John Watson.

FIC: Someone to Notice (Jim Moriarty/John Watson, NC-17, 1/9)Collapse )
Title: Mouthy
Author: EntreNous (entrenous88)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Charlie Weasley/Draco Malfoy
Rating: Explicit / NC-17
Summary: Charlie takes pride in being a good listener, in and out of the bedroom.
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings: highlight to read **none**
Word Count: ~2,000 words
Author's Notes: Has it seriously been YEARS since I wrote Charlie/Draco? That can't be right. This was written for secretsolitaire and her prompt from a while ago, "laughing in bed." PWP-ish, plus a smattering of relationship issues. I wrote this yesterday more or less in one fell swoop as a palate cleanser after finally sending my Sherlock fic off to beta. It's seriously nice to write something quickly for a change, after working on a longer fic for aaaaages. And hey, this fits a Round Three Trope Bingo prompt of mine (cut because it's a tiny bit spoilery): **poor communication skills**. Unbeta'ed. Now also at AO3.

FIC: Mouthy (Charlie/Draco, Explicit / NC-17)Collapse )
Helloooooo! First, a round of random observations:

**It's fricking freezing here, Mister Bigglesworth.

**Is it too late to answer some of those Q&A thingies from back in December/January? Because I have answers! And there were some really good questions people kindly gave me. But I am late late late on that, as I am on many things, hmm.

**On the home front, my cats were on hyper alert mouse hunting this morning (or else have been confused by our whistling heating vents). Right now they're passed out in sunshine patches, brave warriors that they are!

**I made roasted asparagus last night that was so good I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head. Today there may be Buttermilk Biscuits. And Buttermilk Piiiieeeeee. You may have already guessed I have buttermilk I need to use up.

Now, here's something I wasn't sure I would get to say anytime soon: I'm nearly 100% finished with a long-ish story, a Jim Moriarty/John Watson AU fic and will potentially start posting it sometime next week, beta-type feedback and final fussy edits allowing. *\o/*

Really, I'm stupidly pleased to be so close to the end of this thing, even though it's not that long (~30K). I've certainly written far longer in the past! But writing it off and on this past year (midsummer to now), and writing in general from a year ago October, has been freaking tough. I don't know if the fic would have been a bear at some other time, but I kind of doubt it; recent personal healthy/family issues really made moving forward on anything onerous for a time, though I had a productive spate of other fic writing/posting in the summer/early fall.

Because it's a rare-pair in Sherlock fandom, I'm not really looking for a huge response; I'm more hoping for a few interested people to tune in and let me know if they enjoy it. Because I'm actually really pleased with it, package of emotional manipulation and two converging increasingly urgent plots and age-difference angst that it is! ♥

So, you know, I am going to make champagne cocktails when I finally have the entire fic available, because some celebration seems in order. And possibly serve up ridiculous canapes. And a big honking chocolate sheet cake with peanut-butter frosting (what, there can't be cake or something?).

I hope there's some task or project that was handily kicked in the ass by you all lately, so you can join me in some damn overdue celebrating.

my kindle is kaput! D:

After giving me faded screen saver images lately (Emily Dickinson looks so odd and ghosty, and Erasmus is just a wash of drained pixels), and needing to be rebooted more and more often, I think my Kindle is officially dead in the water. DDDDDD:

This is one of those things where, you know, it'll be super easy and probably better to obtain a new/upgraded Kindle. They're cheaper now with more features than when I first got one. But I have a weird attachment to keeping this one. I have one of the, I don't know, 3rd gen Kindles? The black ones with the keyboards, which I'm pretty sure they don't make anymore. And while I won't miss the functionality of that (I rarely use the Kindle to take notes, though I did more at the outset), I'll miss the familiarity of it.

Plus this is the Kindle I've taken to bed for the past four years, and read so much hot fanfic on (and sure, good novels, but the fanfic!)! I'm really attached! Gah, it's all about the familiarity for me. Gadgets are weird, yo.

Part of me thinks I should go with a Kindle Fire or another kind of tablet for reading plus other stuff, but honestly, I'll probably only use it for reading (I'm kind of against online browsing/media watching in bed, though I know I'm part of a shrinking minority on this one).

So I guess I'll get the Paperwhite or, I don't know. Should I rethink this and consider the Kindle Fire? What tablets for reading are you all happy with right now?

Miss C report!

I'm back from visiting Miss C and my sister! Well, technically I came back Wednesday, but oh my lord, after the not terribly exciting drama of delayed/canceled/rescheduled flights because of successive snowstorms (I think I was supposed to leave originally Friday morning and return Monday morning, but the actual arrival and departure times were Sunday night and Wednesday afternoon after many many bumps in the road), I'm still a teensy bit dazed and tired.

Miss C was in fine fettle. various Miss C interests, including her love for snuggling, drama, One Direction, eye-rolling, Frozen, and being the bestest niece everCollapse )

I hope you all had lovely weekends/weeks! I'll try to catch up on everyone's LJ entries soonish. <3

more random stuff

Weather willing, I'll be off to spend the weekend with Miss C on Friday, in celebration of her approaching birthday. She'll be eight. EIGHT!

I am loving the Johnny Weir + Tara Lipinsky Olympic figure skating team commentary so much that I'm pretty sure I've created a permanent bruise on the Mister's shoulder from punching him in glee as we watch. I am really very nearly sure that Tara borrowed Johnny's blazer and necklace and SILKEN ROSE HAIR DECORATION last night.

Since the weather is going to be crap(pier) tomorrow (and here's hoping again it won't impact Friday's ridiculously early flight -- like, RIDICULOUSLY early, I do not know what I was smoking when I thought it would be fine for me to have to leave the house round about 4am to catch it), I've got to get all the errands I had thought to spread over two days done today. It won't be that bad, but right now I feel like pouting and swooning on my fainting couch about it.

Since I'll be traveling at ass-o'clock on Friday, the Mister and I will postpone Valentine's celebrations. Right now I'm thinking cheese fondue when we get around to a special dinner together. And chocolate fondue. And. FONDUE. It is the food of lovers! Unless of course they are lactose intolerant. /Batmanuel

Also, for everyone who hates Valentine's Day, I feel like we should turn it into National Cupcake Day. Except that probably already exists, right? So it'll be INTERNATIONAL Cupcake Day. Or Interstellar. I bet those Vulcans make some boring cupcakes.

Speaking of Vulcans (come on, that was an excellent segue) I have been mainlining Star Trek fics. It's mostly reboot stuff, because that's what's on the AO3 for the most part, but as I read I'm totally picturing TOS cast in my head. Like, Zachary Quinto is fine, but Leonard Nimoy! *fans self on fainting couch* Also, because while I know everyone loves them some Karl Urban, DeForest Kelly is dreamier, so there.

You know what else is fun? Pon Farr fics! I've been sweeping around the house singing, "Pon Farr! That crazy Pon Farr!" to the tune of Nick Winters/Bill Murray's "Star Wars". Please let that Pon Farr staaayyyy!

*hands out cupcakes left and right*

ETA (which I initially typed out as EAT, so you see where my mind is this morning): Turns out for some reason I had comments disabled. That is soup to nutso. *hands round more cupcakes in recompense*

Sleepy Hollow recaps at HDJM!

Still recovering from the two-part season finale of Sleepy Hollow? I know I am! *reels*

Come talk to me about it over at HDJM, where I've recapped/reviewed both 1.12 - The Indispensable Man and 1.13 - Bad Blood for your reading and flailing delectation.


Just turning off comments here in hopes you'll come talk to me at HDJM, as that is where all my SH feels live, and there we can drink hot chocolate and hug puppies and work out way through all of this *gestures frantically*. ♥

countdown to National Pie Day!

I have random little things to chatter about and Q&A topics to answer, but tonight I just have a very important reminder for all of you.

Thursday, January 23rd? Is NATIONAL PIE DAY.

I sometimes just post on that day, blithely forgetting that people might like a heads-up so they can be reminded in advance and plot to observe the wonder of pie on that day along with me. So if you would like to celebrate National Pie Day (as designated by the American Pie Council, naturally; for some reason they're partnering with a movie promotion this year, which is just...weird that Hollywood knows about the APC, for real) by making and/or consuming pie(s), consider this is your tip off to plan!

I am going to make a savory pie for dinner and a sweet pie for dessert, because I'm crazy like that. I'll report back here on what I made (and of course consumed because you know me). Right now I'm thinking Spanakopita (which my spellcheck wants to correct as "Spanking" and why not?) in the pie rather than triangle-pastry version, and perhaps Buttermilk Pie which I only discovered recently and is ridiculously delicious and stupidly easy to make. But that could change! That is the magic of pie day! So many pies to dream about and possibly serve!

Incidentally, should anyone want a pointer to a certain type of pie recipe, or want to share your favorite, you know I want to help out or hear about it.


trope bingo, take three

Here we go, bingo-ing of tropes! Just to recap the past dip into the waters of this challenge: First round of Trope Bingo, I wrote a fic counting as amnesty. Second round, totally didn't write anything, but the mods are graciously letting people take part in Three anyway (I think this is the last round you can do that, though).

Anyway, THIRD TIME IS THE CHARM! And I really need some organizing structure to my writing at present, so I'm seizing on this for now. Below is my assigned card, and then I've got all sorts of musings on which tropes I might tackle, with some thoughts on the tropes themselves, and a few mentions of ideas that might work for different tropes. Sherlock-y, Harry Potter-ish, and BtVS/AtS-esque mentions abound.

Trope Bingo Card -- Round ThreeCollapse )

Okay, so starting in out-of-order on the first across-line with just the main prompt tugging at me: thoughts on tropes and fic ideas and mentions of my various kinks, literal and literaryCollapse )

I have a Q&A entry that I was going to try to dovetail into this one, because it's about favorite tropes, but wow, this entry as long enough. I'll tackle that topic with something that doesn't pop up in the car/list above another time, mainly because it's time to make oatmeal pancakes!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of these tropes, or just noting combos that you think would make a good bingo. Suggestions of pairings/fandoms/further ideas welcome, though I can't promise I will use them.
Today I feel like making the sort of scones that are an affront to proper scones everywhere. You know, with oatmeal added to the flour, a bunch of nuts involved, and a crazy maple extract glaze on top. THEY ARE GOING TO BE DELICIOUS.

Sometimes the notes an author puts in their chapter summaries make me unsubscribe from a WiP midway through even if I think I really want to read the completed story, particularly when they're of the "I can't look at this anymore, it's 2am so tell me all the typos lol" variety. Yes, I am a horrible person with a shriveled heart (and insert a [sic] for that comma splice in my paraphrase -- seriously, shriveled heart).

We've gotten my mum a new phone. Not a smartphone, but for the first time we've gotten unlimited texting in her plan. It was mainly so my sister can text her photos of Miss C and I can send her pics of the cats sprawling about, but she has actually figured out how to send texts herself. This is impressive particularly given her rheumatoid arthritis and hand tremors and OH MY GOD, now I'm going to hear from her twenty-five times a day, aren't I? As opposed to seven or eight horribly rambling and lengthy phone messages, though, it might be a good trade?

I have to go to the dentist today. *cries forever* Does that call for a (multiple) scone(s) upon return or what?

ETA: I almost forgot to mention that due to Mr. Nous's older sibling friendly-slash-coercive sharing impulses, I'm now mainlining Parks and Recreation. I would ask what took me so long, because it's utterly fantastic, but this is just the way I love to watch sitcoms: several seasons in, tons of eps available, one after the other like the best sort of bon-bons. I had earlier tried when s1 was airing, but it was too Office-like for my tastes; rather than try to backtrack we restarted at s2, and it's terrific. I am, however, starting to have dreams about the characters, so I should probably rein it in a little. OR NOT.

q & a: vacations / travel!

brunettepet asked, "What is the best vacation you've ever had?" I'm going to focus that a little more from vacationing generally (which totally includes having an awesome time at home, wherever that is, for me) and focus in on traveling vacations to pick the best trip I've taken.

Even with specifying, that's a really hard one! I could choose the traveling I did in Asia (six amazing/delicious/overwhelming weeks covering places in Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Japan (Tokyo), an incredibly eye-opening trip in multiple ways). Or I could pick the first trip I took with Mr. Nous, which included meeting his family, attending two weddings (one in the San Juan Islands that was very West Coast-y and hippie-glamorous, the other my sister's in Pittsburgh, which as you might guess was very emotionally charged and lovely), and affirming through lots of traveling together that we were a damn good match. Sidenote: I'm of the belief that traveling together with someone is a fantastic -- and sometimes difficult, depending on the pairing -- way to realize whether it's a relationship with staying power.

But for now I'll say the best vacation, though it was technically a working vacation, was the period I spent in England as part of a research trip during the time I immersed in my dissertation.

O, to be in England...Collapse )

Thanks for giving me a chance to write about that lovely time, brunettepet! I'm seriously behind on these ask me questions and I'll answer things, but I'm determined to answer them all anyway. If it turns out you'd like to ask me a question, what the hey, I'll still take them here until I hit thirty questions to answer over time (sort of in the spirit of answering every day for a month, except spread out like a delicious hazelnut chocolate concoction of delicious wordiness on your metaphorical morning toast of winter curiosity).

ETA: Hope everyone who is impacted by the record low temps is able to keep warm and safe today! ♥

food and drink

Tonight's dinner has been an exercise in "this part was healthy, so the rest of it can GO CRAZY BROADWAY-STYLE!" Basically when Mr. Nous traipsed off to see a film with friends, I decided to have a broccoli and portabello mushroom sautee (start with a very small amount of oil and then sliced garlic, add in a splash of orange juice, some soy sauce, and crushed red pepper, and viola!), and didn't bother with rice or whatever.

So then I thought, that was a healthy dinner! I should have some very sharp delicious cheddar cheese. And a Moscow Mule. And possibly some fudge that I've made for holiday gifties in a short while (once I get the cat off my lap). And maybe popcorn later if I watch a movie, because look, I'm all low carbs so far! (shhh on the carbs in the vodka).

The only reason I ate a moderate amount of cheese is because of above (re: cat on lap). I would get more, but d'awww, she's purring! No promises on maintaining moderation when she suddenly spies an invisible enemy and races off to chase it, though.

Also, it may or may not say something about my priorities that my shopping list starts off with an all-caps VODKA. Just. It needs to be remembered, obviously.

Where are those communities where you get slightly or a lot drunk and then write pervy fic? Because I need one of those right now.

I will answer more of your questions this coming week, for real and for true! You know those questions. I would link them. But. I'm just distracted by the weekend and holiday giftie baking and also there was vodka.

q & a: cooking!

Certain questions get answered; others spring up! Your mind plays tricks on you. You play tricks back! Ahem. So I'm doing that answering-questions-people-ask-me-to-post-more thing; if you have a question for me, definitely ask it at this master-question-list-post, and I'll do my best to answer it in the next little while.

For today's lovely query (and my long-winded reply), wesleysgirl asked: I would like to know your favorite and least favorite things about cooking!

Oh my gosh, okay, so I LOVE to talk about cooking and baking, and I'm having to restrain myself from going on and on about it here. Good thing I picked a sort-of deadline (I have to head out for ingredients for holiday gifties shortly, so it imposes a bit of a time constraint to me waxing ridiculously poetic) to keep myself in check.

My favorite! How to choose? There's so much I adore about cooking/baking. I love the setting up of ingredients at the very start, laying out the raw materials for a dish. I like plating/presenting food, because of the tah-dah! aspect even for something relatively simple (I'm one of those people that garnishes a bit for color/texture/taste even for weekday basic meals when I have the materials to do so). I actually also really love the process of chopping and measuring/estimating ingredients (and I just note that because I know some people find that bit tedious); though I usually like to have prep/sous-chef help in the kitchen, I really like doing the prep jobs part of cooking. They feel very calming, mind-ordering sorts of tasks; when I'm tense or upset, cooking or baking often making me feel far more settled and happy.

I feel like I should pick *something* specific though, so here's my crazy not-so-secret cooking love this season: roasting vegetables. cut for MUCH RHAPSODIZING and talk about roasted veggiesCollapse )

Least favorite, hmmm. There aren't many parts of the cooking and baking processes that I dislike, exactly, though chopping onions gets to me (my eyes tear up even more now than they did when I first started cooking; I don't know if age increases onion-crying sensitivity or what, but it sucks when I'm thinly slicing lots of onions to caramelize or something like that).

I guess I'll have to go with something a little more abstract and talk about an issue with serving food that can bug me -- when guests decide not to tell me they really dislike something/are allergic to something/have decided to avoid wheat and wheat by-products. the sadness and woes of the uninformed cookCollapse )

Uh, yeah, so that was the short version. Sort of. *runs out to get ingredients for fudge and cranberry-orange bread*

post-a-day call for questions

I feel like I've been away from LJ for ages.

Anyone want to ask me questions for that Post A Day Meme?

If I can get some topics, I'll happily riff on the subject of your choice! It'll probably be every-other-day-ish, so I won't ask people to pick dates (also because I'm not that organized as to post punctually on Set Topic Whatever on its designated day; let's just be realistic).

But I would absolutely love if you would give me a thing or a query or whatever I can write about here.

Come on, you would be helping me immerse myself in LJ's waters, instead of almost dipping a toe in and then scampering away. *looks scampering-ish*

it's party o'clock

Today sucked so hard that I'm remedying it by mixing up Moscow Mules and breaking out the brie and wensleydale and crackers. It's a pre-dinner/dessert cheese/mixed drink extravaganza up in here!

Anyone who wants some, c'mon and teleport over!

*zips lips*

I was just saying to a friend the other day, thank goodness we've gone a stretch of time without my mother having to go to the hospital!

Guess where she had to go yesterday? Bingo! (last night/today have been, well. they've sucked).

Anyway! It's not a critical situation, but she'll be there for a bit while they work things out.

I am like Xander with the ultimate jinx sometimes, I swear.


Sleepy Hollow 1.08 – Necromancer

My recap for the latest ep of Sleepy Hollow is now up!

Um, I may have started shipping Jenny Mills/Captain Frank Irving kind of hard in this episode. Whoops?

Jenny Mills looks ready to throw down because Captain Irving dragged her in for questioning away from the café where she was enjoying a soy latte and free wifi. Jeez, she couldn’t get a to-go cup? “I don’t need another shoulder [to cry on],” Jenny snaps. ”You don’t like authority; I get it,” Captain Irving gripes. Oh my god, hang on. They should hook up. *_____*

Though Abbie wanted her called in, “so far you haven’t given me any confidence,” Irving scolds. Whoops, there’s a situation at Adams’ Antiques. Jenny knows the place on account of how she sued to steal stuff for the owner. ”You can go it alone, or you can help us,” he advises when she tries to follow him. ”But I need to know: are you in or out?” ”In,” Jenny says. ”Then let’s take a ride.” OH MY GOD, JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY!

Read the rest of my recap and join me for talk about Dead Officer Andy and Ichabod finally losing his cool and Abbie being a teensy badass woman of the world — Sleepy Hollow 1.08 - Necromancer over at HDJM!

(Just disabling comments over at LJ to keep the party going at HDJM what what! *roof raising gestures*)

hey now

I'm super behind on LJ because of various stuff and nonsense, and I'm going to try to catch up. So if I show up in your LJ blurting out something random on an entry that's like, a week old, that'd be why.

Feel free to catch me up here or point me to what I should be looking at, because who knows how many tabs I'll get open before I slither under my comforter and hide?

minor morning woes

I'm about to sit down to write on a grey day that makes me want to go straight back to bed.

My morning tea did not do the work of waking me up, so I decided to pour the rest of the coffee into my blue wake-up-numbskull mug.

Sugar bowl is empty. No problem. I go to scoop sugar from the apothecary jar where we keep it into the sugar bowl using a 1/3 cup measure (because how often do you use the 1/3 cup measure? practically never, that's how often; hence it's perfect for fetching sugar).

Instead of neatly filling the little sugar bowl, though, I just dumped ENTIRE 1/3 CUP OF SUGAR INTO COFFEE CUP.

Last of the coffee now overflowed and has a spoon literally standing straight up in it.

Send help. And caffeine.

*huddles over second mug of tea*

I'm such an enormous dork. When I was getting ready to head out for my walk early this morning, I called out to Mr. Nous to ask what the temperature was. "46," I heard. "46?" I repeated, and got an inarticulate sound in reply.

So, okay, I went out overdressed for 46 degrees, because I usually feel cold at the start of a walk early in the morning, figuring I'd tie stuff around my waist/shed layers at the track. And yet I was freezing. Well, the sun wasn't really inching up yet, I hadn't gotten warmed up from walking, I must have been walking too slowly, it must have been cold last night and it just feels colder than 46, blah de blah blah.

Once I headed back, I saw more people walking around, going to work, and everyone was wearing winter jackets. Yeah, that's the only point that I really suspected, because I don't know, apparently I adjust perceived evidence on the basis of what I think I have been told? That doesn't bode well for anything, btw.

By the time I got back, I was fricking freezing. First thing I did when I walked in, after I made a cup of tea and huddled over it, was check the temperature. 26. 26 degrees.

Of course he'd actually SAID 26, and then mis-heard me when I said 46, and then OH MY GOD, I AM STILL COLD, AM I GOING TO GET PNEUMONIA??? DDDD:

I know, I know, every one of you to a one is going to tell me that when you got outside, you would of course have realized the temperature inaccuracy and immediately rectified your under-dressed situation with better apparel. Of course you would have! I fully own my dorkitude this morning!

Stupid cold weather!
I kept meaning to post other days this week, though since it's been a somewhat crappy week, it just didn't happen. But what the hell, I'm going to pick out some good things that did happen for each day to try to triumph above the meh.

Tuesday: Bit of background: next week I'm going to visit my niece Miss C and my sister. And on Tuesday my sister texed me that Miss C has literally been counting down the days and crossing them off the calendar until my arrival. <3333333

Wednesday: I had a margarita for lunch that was as big as my head. I also had other things for lunch, but I don't remember them. See: margarita as big as my head.

Thursday: Having baked Pumpkin-Walnut-Chocolate-Chip Bread the night before, I paused for nary a second before I decided to have two pieces for lunch. My lunches may not have been super healthy this week, if you weren't keeping track, but THEY WERE DELICIOUS.

Friday: Okay, this one hasn't happened yet. But the morning has been dreadful, so I'm picking something good that's happening later. Ahem. We're having a friend over for dinner tonight who, like me is the type of over-enthusiastic person to reach out and punch you in the arm when she's super excited about something. I'm expecting lots of bruising and fond memories.

Your good stuff from this week or coming up, tell it to me!!!



This is not exciting to anyone but me, I know. But I've been looking at all sorts of stupid plates at various stores/online and sort of throwing my hands in the air and despairing of finding something I can use for everyday and serve at regular dinner parties rather than fancy-schmancy holiday type parties (I have a set of china that was my grandmother's, but they're a bit much for me for everyday).

For everyday stuff, right now I'm using the same stoneware plates my great-aunt handed-down to me when I moved off-campus in college. more on my plate-seeking adventures!Collapse )
Title: Satellite Heart
Author: EntreNous (entrenous88)
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson; Sherlock Holmes/Original Male Character
Rating: Explicit / NC-17
Summary: "The color drains out of Sherlock's world the day John Watson leaves him."
Disclaimer: All Sherlock characters belong to the BBC, Steven Moffatt, Mark Gatiss, and of course Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings: highlight to read **drug use, dub-con, non-con elements, unhappy ending**
Word Count: ~5,500 words
Author's Notes: Inspired by this heartbreaking fanart by shootbadcabbies. I hope I've done her fine work justice. This fic features AU younger versions of John and Sherlock (Teenlock/Unilock) and is packed with angst. Thank you to wesleysgirl for her lightning-quick beta. You can read here at LJ, or over at AO3. Feedback absolutely welcome and appreciated like crazy.

FIC: Satellite Heart (Sherlock/John; Sherlock/Original Male Character, Explicit / NC-17)Collapse )

before I go food shopping

What's your favorite way to make garlic bread?

Yes, I know it's one of those "you just make it!" staples, but I want to hear your methods. Because of Reasons.

Sleepy Hollow recaps at HDJM!

Join me over at HDJM, won't you, for my latest recap of Sleepy Hollow? BECAUSE PLAGUE and TINY BADASS ABBIE and SASSY ICHABOD!

105 abbie ichabod eyeroll tiny abbie

not terribly spoiler-y excerpt, but still, cut for your scrolling pleasure:Collapse )

Read the rest of my recap and come talk to me about Sleepy Hollow 1.05 - John Doe over at HDJM!

(Turning off comments here so we can talk about the ep till the Headless Horseman comes home over at HDJM! <3)
Gosh, I want to do a writing meme of some kind to jump start this day.  I'm too dithery to remember any recent fun ones I've seen, probably because I'm feeling very distracted.  Evidence: I can't decide if I want to spend today writing or running errands for things I need or sprawling around in an ungainly heap with my kindle and a ready supply of tea.

What are you doing today, by the bye?  Maybe you'll help me settle my own scattered thoughts by telling me your grand plans!

Meanwhile, how about I bring back one of those old LJ memes for a little low-key Friday funtimes?  Lo:

Comment on this post. I will choose seven five userpics (omg, seven is hard) from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

bad human

My little Daisy cat is trilling her displeasure because I'm not throwing her plastic cap around for her.

Sleepy Hollow recaps at HDJM!

Sleepy Hollow, y’all! I'm recapping it over at HDJM! Surely I've mentioned it here already. Well, if not, accept these doughnut holes of angst and this apple pie of anguish in lieu of my apology, and head on over to check it out!

recap excerpt! cut for spoilers, because of loveCollapse )

Read the rest of my recap and join the discussion for Sleepy Hollow 1.02 - Blood Moon over at HDJM!

Catching up? Read my recap and come talk to me about Sleepy Hollow 1.01 - Pilot right here!

nom nom nom

Today got all busy-crazy, so we ended up ordering food that's on its way.

I'm getting like the most unhealthy thing I've had in weeks and I'm ridiculously excited: eggplant Parmesan with pasta/red sauce and garlic bread. I may make a salad before it gets here to even the nutritional score somewhat. Maybe. *coughs* OH! And I ordered orange soda. I haven't had soda in forever!

Later tonight Mr. Nous has to go to an event for a student, at which there will be sheet cake, and if there's extra he's going to bring me back a piece. Omg, my dinner is THE BEST TONIGHT!

ETA: waitijustrealized if he does bring me a piece of sheet cake, my entire evening meal will be like something you would have at a kid's birthday party! *\o/*

baking baking baking

I cannot tell if it's fall and the chillier weather, or some medications I recently started that can mess with weight and hunger levels a bit. But all I want right now is to bake ALL THE THINGS and then consume them all.

I just read a2zmom's cute de-aged/kid!Buffy drabble written for a "cake" prompt, and now I want cake. Spice cake. With cream cheese frosting. Or or or! This ridiculous triple chocolate torte I stumbled across last week and have been scheming to try.

Of course, when I woke up this morning, all I could think about was running out to get the ingredients for these freaking fabulous brownies and baking them up. Usually when I make those, it's to bring them to an event/give away a good portion/plan to freeze them, but in my mind I was rubbing my hands together gleefully and cackling, "No, no, this time I will keep them ALL!" see, flaming_muse? I told you I would find another occasion to laugh like a mad scientist this week!

Last week I kept thinking about pumpkin pie (shocker! me obsessing over PIE!). I've made lots of le pah pohmpkohn recipes I've loved over the years, but this one is a favorite from last fall -- ridiculously easy and a beautiful texture. Oh. And Pumpkin Fudge. *searches for recipes*

You know what else would be so delicious? My favorite apple cake in the world. Apples, ginger, impressive-upside-down presentation, just all around amazing and delicious, oh my god.

Did I mention I was trying to avoid desserts for the next few weeks? Ahahahahahaha! Aha. Ha.

Look, just all of you plan to come over this week, and I'll create a dessert buffet, okay??? Problem solved!

updates from all over

Tonight while I was waiting on line to buy something for dinner, I heard a dad tell his snuffling toddler, "Remember, sneeze into the hand!" If you guessed the hand the toddler chose to sneeze into a moment later was mine, well, you would be right! Things Purell was invented for, part gazillion.

This weekend I had some ah-may-zing Pumpkin Ice Cream at one of our local dairies. I. cannot describe. THE DELICIOUSNESS! The spices, the teensy bits of pumpkin! *swoons* I would have it at least once a week were it possible; it's not, of course, because many of the best local places close for the fall/winter. But WHY close in the cold months? New England has some of the highest ice-cream consumption in the USA (with Massachusetts and Rhode Island coming in at #4 and #2 respectively in one of the more recent polls). Ice cream consumption! It happens all year! Witness the glory that is peppermint stick ice cream, which is obviously an ice cream invented with winter holidays in mind. You really haven't had delicious winter desserts until you've had a peppermint stick ice cream brownie sundae (ssshhh, the hot fudge will keep your teeth from chattering).

I saw Brett Dennen perform at a music festival a few weeks ago, and damn, that boy can sing. Mr. Nous spotted him shambling around in the crowd (he's so freaking tall, and the red hair helps him stand out), and then yelped when he pointed it out to me because I squeezed his hand super hard. A set hasn't gone by that quickly for me in a while and I'm dithering over trying to see him when he hits NYC in November.

My new full-of-crazy show is starting tonight! Yes, Sleepy Hollow! I'm stupidly excited about this one. Look for my recap of it tomorrow over at HDJM if you end up tuning in yourself (or if you're trying to decide if you should tune in).

sometimes the icons say it best

I have various things on my mind, but the most salient one is that I would like someone to make me a crumb cake.

But not into a crumb cake, in case any of you have actual magical powers and decide to do something super hilarious. *gives you the stern eyes*

I think I'll make a blueberry pie this weekend. And go to a socialist rally, because Labor Day, yo.

movies and holiday weekends

I saw The World's End last night and, you know, parts of it were hilarious. But nothing can ever top Hot Fuzz for me, because cripes, it's a near-perfect film. Plus, as the mister said, the second movie of a trilogy almost always outranks the others.

spoilers, though I think minor onesCollapse )

In holiday weekend news, we're trying to decide if we're going to accept an invitation to go to the Cape this weekend. On the one hand, THE CAPE! On the other, holiday traffic and crowds. On the other hand, THE CAPE AND BEACH AND YUMMY FOODS. On the other, we're still sort of reeling from the combo of getting back from a vacation and then having guests and sort of feeling that huddled around the home fires mode right now. On the other hand, well. Last chance at getting away for the summer and staying on the beach and. THE CAPE! If you hadn't noticed, I nearly always have way too many hands.

Today's a super emotional day for reasons I'd rather not go into at the moment, but I think I'm going to stop dwelling on all the myriad issues and instead look at pictures of bunnies cuddling with kittens and stuff like that. If you have cute gifs or images you want to leave in comments, I will be stupidly grateful. <3

today's post is made of random

I hurt my knee somehow during Miss C's visit, which is probably the third time in the last six months I've felt pain and serious stiffness in that knee. So now I have an appointment to ask my doc about it, plus I've got an actual keep-in-freezer cold pack around it instead of a bag of frozen peas or ice in a ziplock and OH MY GOD, SO COLD.

I had hard-boiled eggs for breakfast this morning, which isn't really news, except that having them made me smile and think of breakfasting with stoney321, flaming_muse, and marenfic. <3 Now I am all PROTEIN, I SHALL GET THINGS DONE TODAY (sshhh, it doesn't matter that until fifteen minutes ago I was still in my pajamas, oh my god, so slovenly comfy for the second late morning in a row).

I keep feeling HP nostalgic, so I may do a call for ficlet/drabble prompts for that fandom soon (though I have some Sherlock prompts I need to fill first). Randomly, secretsolitaire, I think you gave me like two (or even three? *cringes*) HP prompts ages ago I didn't get to. So please let me know if you'd still want a ficlet/drabble from that fandom from me(if you're feeling the HP love lately; if not, we can work something else out) and I'll get to yours first. <3

Guys, I haven't written more than a few hundred words in two weeks now, what with our vacation and then visitors invading. I just cut my fingernails though, so CLEARLY I mean business for today. *dithers and uploads old fics to AO3 to see if that sparks anything first).

ETA: I totally forgot to ask when I posted, but any cookie recipes you all are digging right now? We have friends coming over for a movie night, and I'm looking for something new to try instead of defaulting to (albeit yummy!) standards.

What are you up to this AM? Anything you want cheering on about? Or want me to tell you to take it easy because you deserve it? I'm all about the validation today! *brews tea and sets out scones*
I'm back (haha)! My sister and Miss C left last night after spending four full days here, and wow.

Miss C is just a peach. :D Though she can have her seven-year-old frustrations/foot-stomp-y moments, she's really a cheerful and fun kid. miss c details for thems that wants themCollapse )

I may have mentioned our place is one of the smaller places we've lived in the past few years (though still bigger compared to our tiny Brooklyn apartment of only six years ago). This time I really felt the lack of space. tiny bit about the tricky parts of the visitCollapse )

Mainly I'm glad today to have my study back (it's where we stick guests), and happy though a little wistful at how very quiet the apartment is this morning. Also, after two plus weeks of getting early starts in the morning, this is the first day in an age I'm still in my pajamas (I totally don't care if you judge me because *luxuriates*).

I hope you've all had a good week! I'm going to try to keep up posting more for the "let's get content back on LJ!" fannish resolution thingy, so no doubt I'll see you soon. After all, I'm totally back! *crosses fingers*

One quick thing -- if you haven't already, consider signing the petition at whitehouse.gov Stop SOPA 2013 (a Department of Commerce initiation to make it a felony to stream any copyrighted material -- this seems to include covering songs) and contact your representatives to tell them you're concerned. <3

back from the road trip, huzzah!

Howdeeee! We got back from our road trip last night, and my goodness, that was a fun vacation. Lots of excellent eating out (though as always, I got sick of restaurants by the end and kept saying, "something SIMPLE" the last day when we were looking for places), three really different and cool accommodations, SO! MANY! WATERFALLS! with the accompanying walks and hiking, Mr. Nous actually driving for part of the highway portion (haha, he has his learner's permit now, so there's no escape sharing the driving!), funky bars and coffee places, art & culture and larnin', getting to have a fun lunch with spikedluv along the way, and getting to meet up with an awesome friend I haven't seen in over a decade for dinner and drinks and a really wonderful time of re-connecting.

I should probably do a proper account of the trip, maybe with photos? But for now we're preparing for my sister and Miss C to descend tomorrow. So in addition to the ritualistic post-vacation Laundry Undertaking, there will also be Hasty Vacuuming and "oh my god, where should I put that" Neatening, so any further commentary will have to wait up a bit. It's good in a way, because if we didn't have to prepare for anything else, no doubt I would be lounging in the air conditioning all day reading fanfic and dozing...wait, why is this good again?

I glanced at LJ thinking that I'd probably get to catch up in a short while, given how slow it's been around here lately, only to find everyone is posting, yay! I heartily approve of this 30 Day in a Row entry posting or whatever it's officially called, though I can't commit to it at present myself, as Miss C and my sister will be bunking in my office and keeping me busy with family stuff. But I will definitely pitch in with efforts to post more AND comment more when I can get online the next few days, and even more after that! I'm excited to see names I haven't spotted in a while pop up on my flist, and just generally pleased to be at skip?gazillionty with no hopes of catching up properly soon. :D If there is anything you want me to see, drop me a link, and I'll skedaddle over!


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