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Are you sure the solution is pie?

Over bickering and confusion, I'll take pie.

your royal pie-ness
3 April
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I'm EntreNous, fanfic writer, refugee from academia, about-to-be displaced New Yorker, current New Englander, and Aries. I'm very fond of pie, Sherlock (BBC), Harry Potter, and the Buffyverse (BtVS/Ats).

Age Statements/Age Requirements: I'm well over the age of consent, and thus qualified for all LJ adult-only/18-and-over communities. As for this journal, there's adult material here in the form of fic, entries, icons, etc. So if you are under the age of consent where you are, then do not read this journal.

Friending: I'm happy to be added, so there's no need to ask permission before adding me. Add away!

TFMN used to = The Future Mr. Nous, but now he is Mr. Nous (yes, I made an honest man of him! <3).

The following disclaimers and distribution information hold for all of the fic that I author and co-author posted to this journal and other online forums, blogs, and journals.

Book and Media Based Fanfiction Disclaimer: All characters from Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones, Lost, Smallville, Harry Potter, Grease 2, The Devil Wears Prada, Speed Racer, The Sentinel and any other fandom in which I may write are the property of their respective authors, creators and involved production companies. No infringement is intended, and no profit is garnered from this material. Original characters and story ideas belong to me.

Works of Fiction Disclaimer: The stories (marked as such) in this journal are either fanfiction or fiction. They are not prescriptive, in that they do not advocate any particular behavior in real life. They are not descriptive, in that they do not purport to represent actual, real life actions. Rather, these stories are works of imagination created for interested readers. Only those of the appropriate ages should read any adult-designated fics -- check all ratings before continuing. In addition, read and heed any warnings in the headers preceding these works -- continuing to read along assumes that you have perused those warnings and have agreed to encounter the fictive situations described therein.

Policy of Distribution: All my stories are posted to my LiveJournal, to my updates list (EntreNousUpdates) and (eventually) to the site Just Between Us). Anywhere else? You must ask me first. If I haven't explicitly given you my permission to archive my stories elsewhere, you do not have my consent.

All content in this journal and userinfo should also be considered copyrighted by me. Without my express consent, any/all unauthorized duplication or publication is prohibited. You should, however, feel free to link to any public content at any time without asking permission. Contact me by email should you have inquiries regarding this.

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Join whedonverse_nb, moderated by entrenous88 and darkhavens! All links to news, fan discussions, fics, vids, ficathons, really any material related to the three Whedonverse shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly as well as to the Whedonverse film Serenity are welcome!